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Responsibility at PARAT.

The PARAT Group makes its voice heard through economic actions and technical developments. And not only when it comes to living and working conditions of its employees, but also in contact with customers and environment in the economic context. The responsibility that comes with it is not just a social obligation for PARAT. Rather, we see fair and sustainable business practices as a vital basis for a promising corporate development.

Code of Conduct

As a binding guideline, the Code of Conduct describes a standard of good conduct for all people working at PARAT. This Code assumes ethically and legally correct behavior in our activities with partners, customers and competitors. All PARAT staff members agree to comply with the regulations set out.


We understand our in-house corporate Compliance System – a collection of behavioral norms – as a fundamental basis for our action. Honesty, fairness and reliability are right at the top of the list. These values pave the way for PARAT’s economic success.

We’ve worked out the PARAT Compliance System with a very close look at our corporate structure and organization. A major concern for us was to create the concept such that every staff member can easily implement the content and integrate it into its own day-to-day work. This realistic approach has proven successful because the concept with its legal guidelines and internal agreements can be properly applied in every day working life – and this can be experienced in a positive and stimulating work environment. Combined with trainings and seminars, our Compliance System promotes a greater awareness of the effects of our own actions and the associated responsibility of each employee.

But the PARAT Compliance System as a code of conduct is applied not only internally by giving guidance and orientation. In close cooperation with customers, suppliers, competitors and public institutions, it also ensures fair partnerships, a good reputation and economic success, and thereby protect jobs on a sustainable basis.

Energy Management

Enhancing energy sufficiency is decisive for our future production activities in order to remain competitive in times of rising energy prices. The PARAT Energy Management has addressed this major issue to guarantee sustainable energy policy. It records and analyzes the use of energy, identifies wastage sources and raises the awareness of the need to use energy responsibly.

The main objective of Energy Management is to optimize energy efficiency through the gradual reduction of our overall energy consumption. We will achieve this by environmentally sound handling of all available means of production, by energy-efficient product design and by dealing responsibly with resources when planning and implementing new facilities.

We actively and intensively collaborate with our employees, suppliers, service providers and customers and seek a dialogue with authorities. We expect our suppliers and service providers to adhere to the energy regulations in the respective applicable version. That means: both during procurement of products and also during procurement of services, we pay a great deal of attention to energy efficiency. PARAT has been successfully re-certified in accordance with ISO 50001.

  • Compliance with these measures is confirmed by the PARAT seals of quality:

Environmental Safety

We are committed to create a sustainable business climate at PARAT in accordance with environmental standards. We try to avoid waste or recycle it. We will properly dispose of unavoidable waste. With new products, we take care of their environmental friendliness already during production.

Health and Safety at Work

The PARAT Group has taken on the task of protecting its people at work.
This means that we unconditionally meet all legal requirements in this context. Moreover, we are continually working towards improving work and health protection by the application of preventive measures in the workplace to prevent industrial accidents and injuries.

Social Responsibility

As a company, we carry a responsibility for the society. Based on this principle, we want to do something good – for our employees and within our social environment.

That is why we offer very favorable social benefits and incentive plans to all of our staff members. We promote the inclusion of handicapped employees and the integration of people with a migration background in the workplace. PARAT supports various scientific and economic programs and organizations (e.g. Technology Campus). We also play an active part in the committee of the local vocational school and in booster clubs from all types of school, we are closely involved in the task group ‚School & Economy’ of the Freyung-Grafenau district and in vocational education & training and we foster further development of social security systems.