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Quality at PARAT

With an international presence, PARAT stands for highest product quality. An integrated Management System (IMS) ensures the consistent high quality level of all our processes and products. We further guarantee compliance of all components and production sites with current guidelines and certifications at any time. In this way, we are expanding our global position as a technology leader and premium partner for our customers. This means: consistent standards are a matter of course at every location when it comes to quality, health, safety at work and social issues.

Quality Culture

Quality Methodologies

Commitment to Quality

Quality Culture

Being a world-wide technology and market leader in the premium segment, quality does not come about by chance at PARAT, but is embodied in the company’s corporate culture and is an element of our corporate identity. Quality is guaranteed by consistent alignment of all business processes set to a holistic Quality Management.

Quality Methodologies

Quality Assurance at PARAT is using special procedures, which we continuously strive to improve in terms of efficiency. The methods introduced below enable us to continue to perfect our processes, to identify possible sources of problems and to avoid errors by acting with foresight.

Poka Yoke

Commitment to Quality

With the slogan ‘NO COMPROMISE – WE CUSTOMIZE’, PARAT Group underlines the first-class quality of its products. PARAT brand quality reflects an uncompromising drive to deliver maximum customer benefit. Socially responsible and environmentally sound production conditions enjoy a high priority on the global stage. Product safety through careful raw material selection and compliance with strict quality standards in the overall production process play a central role in this regard.

Integrated Management System

Standardizing, improving, conserving and protecting – these are the tasks of our Integrated Management System. According to the corporate strategy, it is tailored to our customers’ individual needs and pools resources in all our workflows and processes. This way, the system ensures smooth and concerted interaction of quality, energy efficiency and safety & health in the workplace.






Quality Management encompasses all organizational and technical measures that serve to create and maintain both quality of design and workmanship.

process reliability
customer satisfaction

ISO 9001
IATF 16949


The basic tasks of Energy Management comprise the identification of sources of loss and the responsible handling of energy.
Our Energy Management provides the framework for a sustainable energy policy.

energy efficiency

ISO 50001


We are using our corporate policy to actively participate in structuring our business environment in accordance with ecological standards and to realize the idea of sustainability.

environment protection
saving resources

ISO 14001

Health & Safety in the workplace

PARAT Group has given itself the mission to protect its people at work. We regard it as a prerequisite for sustain competitiveness and sustained market success – because our people are our most valuable asset.

safety at work
plant safety

Our certificates at a glance

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